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тел. +7 (988) 323-25-25
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"Translit" in numbers

  • 4 years of work
  • 36 languages
  • 152 permanent partner companies
  • 5362 pages of translation for 2013
  • 447 pages of translation per month



13 October 2018

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08 June 2018

Уважаемые клиенты, 09.06.2018 г. наш офис будет работать с 10:00 до 15:00! Выходные дни - 10.06-12.06.2018 г. С наступающим праздником!!!

27 April 2018

График работы нашего бюро на майские праздники: 28.04.2018 - с 09:00 до 17:00, выходные дни - 29.04-02.05.2018 г. и 09.05.2018 г. Звонки принимаем по тел. 8-988-323-25-25!

15 March 2018

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Translation agency "Translit" in the city of Novorossiysk

  • THE LAWEST PRICES – our services are on average 2 times cheaper than in the city;


  • CERTIFICATIONS OF ANY KIND - – we provide services on certification by the seal of the translation agency and notarial certification;


  • EASY PAYMENT - you may pay via bank transfer or cash
  • WIDE RANGE OF LANGUAGES - more than 20 languages;
  • FREE DELIVERY - we pick up your document for translation for free and then deliver it to you when the translation is ready ;
  • HIGH QUALITY - the company brings together the best translators and interpreters not only from Novorossiysk and Krasnodar Krai, but even from Moscow and near-abroad countries, which allows us to make translations of any complexity and urgency;

Novorossiysk translation Agency "TRANSLIT" for more than 3 years offers you a completely new level of services in the field of translation. Our company is a Union of professionals with experience in many different areas and fields. Linguistic experience of our team, the demand for our translation services of foreign languages - both written and verbal - all this allows us to perform our work quickly and efficiently. The first in Novorossiysk free delivery of translated documents pleasantly surprise our customers!

We work with big companies not only of the city of Novorossiysk and Krasnodar Krai, but also of other cities of Russia and the Near and Far abroad countries! At present, we are working on an ongoing basis with more than 30 companies and organizations of Novorossiysk and for the second year running provide translation services for Novorossiysk customs!

We specialize in the translation of customs declarations, bills of lading, contracts of seamen, personal documents (passport, driver's license, birth certificate, certificate of marriage, etc.) from different languages and in a short time. Besides, we perform complex technical, medical, economic, legal and literary translations.
For residents and visitors of Ukraine, we present the branch of our translation agency "Translit" in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine!